Our Staff

Medical assistant: Roxana
Administrative manager: Michelle
Administrative assistant: Angela, Samantha
Anesthesiologists: Dr. D. Orlov, Dr. A. Brukson, Dr. A. Bruno, Dr. J. Lo
Endoscopy Technician: Jonathan, George, Sue, Tatiana, Jan
Nursing Staff: Rachel, Saty, Janet, Yesenia

We speak English, French, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Romanian, Tagalog, Hebrew, Spanish.

Endoscopist: Dr. V. Ginzburg

Dr. Ginzburg has completed Masters in Molecular and Medical Genetics at University of Toronto then Medical Doctor degree at McMaster Medical School in Hamilton and Family Medicine residency program at University of Toronto. Following residency he completed Fellowship in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy at University of Toronto and successfully undergone change of scope of practice with CPSO.
From 2007 Dr. Ginzburg continued to provide gastrointestinal services such as gastroscopy and colonoscopy (including other specialized techniques such as polypectomy, biopsies, brushing, injections, hemorrhoid treatment).
He has provided colonoscopy and upper endoscopy services at Oak Ridges Endoscopy centre since it first opened in 2011.
Dr. Ginzburg's interest is Colorectal Cancer Screening.

Dr. Ginzburg is a Member in following organizations:

  • Canadian Association of Gastroenterologists
  • Primary Care Society of Gastroenterology (UK)
  • American Association of Primary Care Endoscopy
  • Ontario Association of Clinic Endoscopists.

Dr. Ginzburg is an Assistant Professor at:

  • Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto
  • Faculty of Medicine at the Queen's University


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