What real patients think about us and our services

Dear Doctor Ginzburg,
Thank you for your professional care during my recent colonoscopy. This was my first experience with this procedure. You will recall that when we first met, I was very apprehensive about the entire matter of the colonoscopy procedure. I remember that you were very reassuring during our conversation and assured me that the procedure would not be an unpleasant experience. I was nonetheless quite nervous about the entire matter. The 24 hour period prior to the procedure passed quite uneventfully because I followed the instructions you gave me carefully and did not have any adverse effects. The morning of the procedure went so well that I can advise any of your patients who are nervous about having a colonoscopy that the procedure is quite pain free. Your staff was very reassuring on the day of my colonoscopy. In fact I awakened near the end of the procedure as you said I would and did not panic one bit. Your post procedure handling was first rate. If this letter can be of any use to you, feel free to share it with any future patients. Thank you once again for your handling of this matter.
Gerard Binsfeld. Sep 14, 2015

Excellent experience. Friendly staff, wonderful nurse's.
Dr. Ginzburg and Dr. Lee really eased my mind before the before the procedure also.
Jessica Machum

Medical staff is very professional, rooms are clean and comfortable.
Larissa Tchoumak

Beyond belief. Staff very friendly and makes the procedure very relaxing. Thanks for being informative and pleasant.
Charles Desa

It was a good experience. Everybody was very professional.
Thank you.
Vim Duller

The staff at this facility was the best as far as customer service and experience I recomend this place to anyone wanting the best, you should to visit this place.
Mohammed Shaheed

Chris Vander Kooij

I was very impressed with all of the staff.
Tabatha Aita

Excellent, thank you all for your care and attention. Really professional and reliable.
Thank you!
Alla Zaslavskaya

I am very happy being referred to this centre. Good care.
Thank you.
Olena Plokhyy

Everyone made me feel very comfortable. The staff here is amazing thanks for a great experience.
Kenny Malczyk

Beautiful, safe, peaceful. Thanks for the loving nature. I loved the whole experience. You got to have this done at least once here. Never will forget. Love to all.
Dora Romhanyi

Very professional. Every detail was explained thoroughly and is understandable. Highly recommend. Excellent service.
Dianne Harrison

Great. Quick easy. Got appointment very quickly.
Melissa Nike

Great people they take car of you. Professional and informative. Quick too!
Brian Hayden

Very clean facility and the staff is very friendly. Nurse Garmen is very courteous and friendly with the patients.
Rajwinder Basra

Very satisfied, the procedure was easy and comfy. I was nervous at first, but it went away. The staff is friendly and they took good care of me.
Konstantin Yegupov

Nice and clean. Professional. Doctors and nurses are are nice and maked me feel safe and good.
Kung Yee Tau

Facility is very clean and staff is very attentive. Very prompt and timely.
Steve Ground

Absolutely amazing! I am very thankful for the exceptional care of all the staff.
Brian Mainprize

This is a wonderful facility with excellent staff. Top notch service. Very clean. Dr.Ginzburg and his team provided me with excellent care in a very timely manner. I highly recommend this clinic.
Susan Barnes

The facility and care before, during and after procedure was first rate.
Reginald Eveleigh

These doctors are excellent at what they do. Very happy with how they make me feel. Fernanda Dias

Everyone made the experience excellent.
Connie Prince

I really liked the friendliness of the staff and the comfort they provided.
Yvonne Thompson

I appropriated you and your staff for making this experience mild and well mannered.
Irina Barykina

Very nice facility.
Concepcion Dejesus

Very impressive, great experience.
John Wu

Very professional, clean and gentle.
Euphrasi Roomere

Nice and friendly staff, very clean and organized staff.
Iuliana Blanaru

Very good, comfortable and relaxing. Made me feel at home.
Peter Bueschleb

So great, I would recommend to anyone. Very nice staff and so caring.
Claudrani Wickramasinghe

Very good, impressive. Thanks a lot.
J.B. Wickramasinghe

Very warm staff, felt very comfortable.
Resa Black

Vey well operated from start to finish with kind, helpful staff throughout.
Christopher Kowalski

Very impressed with the efficient caring staff.
Paul Runstedler

Good impression. Ambient temperature.
Angelino Badesco

Very satisfied. Ashkan Tashakorri

Quiet, efficient and clean.
Sophia Doukas

Everything is good and in order.
Younan Younan

Very professional, empathetic and caring.
Susan Cowell

Frank Klein

It was nice overall.
Nicole Leworthy

Very clean, quiet and relaxing.
Margaret Moniz

Clean and Warm.
Dawn Magee

Very good service, very satisfied, thanks.
Simon Li

Very good.
Susan Liberatore

Sudhir Talsania

Very Good.
Faina Golod

Very good, Nurse is really nice.
Nrimal Bilkhu

Souad Haddad

Very professional, compassionate, Friendly and Caring staff.
Mark Gray

Very professional, clean, friendly, and caring staff. Very happy with procedure.
Paige Lau

Very good.
Harry Stel

Professional and efficient. I would recommend to anyone.
Sharon Cafgna

Great, Wonderful staff.
Katherine Baruch

Amazing facility. Thanks to all the staff members and Dr. Ginzburg.
Errol Jones

The doctor and staff were very accommodating and very comfortable.
Aslihan Cavusoglu

Very Good.
Heikki Ylonen

I am so happy to do procedure in this place, Thanks.
Ezis Mikheil

Excellent, Everything was fantastic. Made me feel comfortable and informed.
John Herczegh

Very good.
Yuzefa Sydor

Very Satisfied.
Natale Scaramozino

I believe this is a very beautiful establishment, I am very impressed with everything thanks.
Jesse Fagarty

Great, excellent and friendly staff.
Susan Sigrist

Excellent, Very professional.
Barry Doggart

Very Professional.
Nancy Brott

All the things are good.
Uzma Irfan

Very good.
Lynn Wilson

First class, was worried but your staff put me at ease.
Andrew Higgins

Patient Surveys

June 2016 - December 2016


Dec 27
Very clean, efficient.

Very comforting, made me feel at ease at an uneasy time. The staff at this facility were very informative and comforting. Made me feel secure and not out of place during an uncomfortable time.
Victoria Stabler

 Friendly staff, eager to please and ensure one's comfort.

 Very good, very friendly staff.

 Dec 23
Well run nicely done!
Max Brugger

 Very happy, excellent.
Maria Charitou

 Nice and clean. People here are very nice. Great experience. Even it was first time. You feel safe and comfortable.
Yifeng Ding

 Excellent. Job well done!!
ason Liu

 Dec 20
Very good !
Mariusz Motala

 Everything was very good. The staff was professional and friendly.
Romero Isabel

 Excellent service

 I was nervous and they made me feel comfortable and at ease, Thank you.

 Fantastic, very satisfied thank you.
Turan Mirzayev

 Excellent service, very good facility.

 I was very nervous and they made me feel comfortable and at ease. Thank you.
Robyn Reinemo

 Dec 19
Excellent !
Tony Pileggi

Mina Saleeb

 Dec 16
A well run, efficient facility that seemed to care about its patients. A well run facility that places patient care and comfort at the top of their list. Excellent communication before and after the procedure. Not at all the uncomfortable experience I was expecting. Thank you.
Ted Sue

 Fantastic, never thought this procedure could be in any way enjoyable... but it wasn't BAD.

 Very good experience, very comfortable.
Nany Robina

 Positive. Compact but very efficient.

 Very comfortable clinic. Very friendly staff. Thank you.

 Dec 15
Very comfortable. Friendly staff. Liz very helpful and reassuring, as was everyone else.

 Great facility. Really good centre, thank you for good care.
Marina Grinchenko

 Good, quick

 Dec 8
Very efficient facility

 Dec 5
Very professional and caring.

 Fantastic! It couldn't be better! That is the better place to go!
Nelly Lucas

 Awesome very friendly and caring. I was well taken care of. Keep up the excellent work.

 Friendly, comfortable, rocking care and nurses are great. Just, place feels cold all time – even before procedure.

 Very satisfied

 Everyone was very friendly and made me feel comfortable.

 Attentive/friendly staff

 Dec 1
Very professional

 Nov 29
 Very satisfied

 Everything was well organized and explained clearly. Great staff.

 A very pleasant and professional experience. The staff make me very comfortable and at ease with my procedure. Very professional and friendly.
David Lutz

 Excellent patient experience. Dr. Ginzburg and team ensured a seamless experience throughout. I was comfortable and cared for. Will definitely return if my health requires.
Perry Thurni

 Very Impressed /satisfied. 10/10 The staff were very professional and easy to talk to. They made me very comfortable and were quite accommodating.
Ross Mifsud

  Nov 28
Very good

 It met my expectations. The personal and Dr. Ginzburg are great.

 Very good
Karen Fiorini

 Very comfortable procedure – very friendly staff.

 Professional and informative – very friendly staff.
Yousef Ahmadi Lari

 I really felt comfortable my privacy and compassion for myself was terrific. Professional, efficient. <3 I am a PSW and deal with people on an ongoing basis you do a terrific job.

 Very good at the end the first visit was not as good.

 Very good facility. Thanks so much for all staffs.

 Nov 24

Nicholas Furlano

 Nov 22
Extremely excellent. Best service in my life.
Tie Ying Wang

 No complaints, Ruby was just like her name... a gem. Very friendly and caring. Thorough Dr! Made me feel comfortable. Good bedside manner! Thanks 🙂 Was told I may wake up but thank goodness I didn't! Had both procedures done at once!
Michelle LaFave

 Very impressed. Very friendly nurses and doctors. Have to say the best I have had.

 Friendly staff, great doctor. Excellent doctor with great bedside manner.
Matt Mercer

 Very good

 Very good

 Nov 21
Exceptionally good! Very caring people work here.
Liga Losseva

 Thank you! Would recommend to family.

 I am so very impressed with the professionalism and care, from initial contact with instructions, through pre operation and procedure. Dr. Ginzburg is extremely throughout with consultation inquiries and explanations of procedures. The atmosphere is caring and compassionate. This sets the conditions for the best possible outcome.
Anne Leroux

 Very clean, no problems
Mike Arriagada

 Terrific, quick and painless. Lots of wait time.

 Very friendly from front desk to procedure room. I was very anxious and stressed prior to the procedure. All staff made me feel at ease instantly and very comfortable.
Wendy Austin

 Nov 18
Very good
Rick Mollins


 Very professional I was very comfortable with overall procedures.

 Nov 17
Excellent. Very knowledgeable staff, super friendly and organized. Dr. Was able to accommodate into the schedule very quickly and very caring towards his patients.
Mariam Shahata

 Nov 15
Very good
Carmen Olaru

 Nov 14
Good! Very efficiently run and overall I felt comfortable. My second colonoscopy procedure here, both went pretty smooth.

B. Mosu

 Very nice, very professional, thank you very much! The service and facility are great! Felt very welcome. All the staff and especially Dr. Ginzburg care very professional and caring!

 Very clean very professional kind and caring people. Dr. Ginzburg tells you exactly what he is going to do. Very thorough.

 Nov 11
Very good

Fayez El-Masery


Nov 10
 It was so great so professional done. Thanks for all staff. Amazing clinic. Just very professional advice. Thanks a lot.
Ludmila Khaikevich

 Super fantastic staff and care. Always professional and happy. Make you feel very comfortable and at ease. Wonderful experience.
Lynn Morrison

 Nov 8
I have had these procedures in other medical clinics but there is no comparison. Both Doctor and staff are excellent. Thank you.
Gladys Grimes

Nov 7
Natercia Teixeira

Very good!
Dennis Fernando

Very good! 🙂

Great, I'm very pleased.
David Robinson

Nov 4
Very impressed, I was very nervous and unsure what to expect, I was very well informed on what to expect. You guys are amazing!
Mariah Theo

Well coordinated, staff pleasant and helpful.

Very well managed/operated.

Nov 3
Very happy once I pass reception. Reception is not helpful. Why do 3 people sit at front desk but only 1 person can help. A waste of seats or training is required. Other visits: 1 hour wait for 5 minute appointment. Unsatisfied.
Chris Lovett-Doust

Staff is very friendly, welcoming, they explain to me everything make me feel comfortable. The only thing is my appointment at 10:30 am and didn't start until 12 pm. I more appreciate if they inform me ahead they are running late otherwise is good.
Shehla Ali

Nov 1
Good experience, pre-letter could have listed more things (clear liquids) that could be consumed i.e. tea, beef consomme, jello (I had to do a google search). It was unclear if I needed to do a third dose (the medicine said you don't take it if it's a morning procedure).

Oct 31
Super – I'd recommend it.

Very pleased!


 Awesome 😀 Friendly environment, good care/privacy. Short wait.
Vlad Semenkov

Very good, satisfied with the procedure.

Very good job they did it to me.

 First rate

Oct 28
Very clean and friendly nurses, and and doctors.

 Oct 27
I love all the staff. You are very friendly and take all the fear from me before the procedure was done! Muchos Gracias! 🙂
Laura Figueroa Garcia

Very good.
Gulzar Kanji

Oct 25
Good. Friendly.

Excellent office, good procedure. Best office I ever visited.
Vladimir Goikhman

 Oct 24
Very efficient and professional
Michael Verzuu

Very satisfied. Pleasant staff. Don't even remember the procedure which is a good thing.
Sanja Javonovic

 Well organized, made me feel completely relaxed.

Thank you so much! 🙂

Very clean, cozy, and attentive. Everything has been done in a timely manner. I'm very satisfied with the doctor, his office and the staff. The doctor is knowledgeable, the staff is attentive. The colonoscopy went very smoothly. Everything has been done in time, no waiting at all.
Yuri Beri


Oct 20

Very friendly staff and doctor

Oct 18
Very fast, very clean.

Really nice and clean. Wonderful, friendly staff. Had a super time. Very friendly atmosphere. Welcoming people. Very informative. Made me feel right at home.

Oct 13
Very clean, friendly, and comfortable.
Tina Ferlaino

 Oct 11


Excellent, feel great. Very impressed, everyone was very friendly and professional.
John Skillicorn

 Excellent experience all things considered

 This being my third time, this was the best yet. Very relaxing. Very professional, very little stress.

Very good. Would recommend to everyone. Very good, excellent.
Francis Shubat

Oct 7
[This facility] is very clean and the treatment received was very professional and kind. I am very glad to come here and be treated from this team of doctors.
Gerdy Rodriguez

Oct 6

Oct 3
First class care and professionals – I highly recommend Oak Ridges Endoscopy Clinic. I was a little concerned about the procedure, but the staff was very professional and reassuring. P.S. Would have loved bottled water in recovery area. SO THIRSTY! I realize that there may be a reason I can't have it, but did I mention how thirsty I am?!
Evelyn Chisamore

Great! Nice staff

Very impressed, I was so scared and I feel fine.
Fryda Cardenas

Very good

Fahima Mohamed-Said

 Sep 30
Very friendly, clean, relaxing, quiet, cozy.
Diana Samcenko

Small, but clean, and more than adequate.
Richard Taylor

Sep 29
Everything was perfect. No pain. Thanks a lot everybody. I am very satisfied.
Elena Narojhaida

 Sep 27Nice place great people.

Excellent, wonderful, relaxing, kind people, wonderful doctor.
Sharon Cooper

 Sep 26
Very nice, professional, definitely less stressful than going to a hospital setting.

We, I experienced a very good service and well equipped facility.
Francisco Ecoy

Excellent. I am very satisfied with my colonoscopy at the Oak Ridges Centre. Very polite and careful staff. Dr. Ginzburg is very experienced and performs colonoscopy very carefully. Very good anaesthesiologists. Highly recommend!
Vasily Kukhta

Very good

I always loved the treatment in this clinic. Please keep up the amazing job. Have a nice day 🙂
Edma Glensen

Sep 23
Well done 🙂 Friendly, efficient staff
Leigh-Anne Mills

 Very friendly

Comfortable. Very light atmosphere. Positive.

Sep 20
I was very impressed with the service and care I received. Thank you.
Simone Gronlund

Staff was friendly and informative. One of the best clinics I have ever been a patient in.
Richard Feltham

I am someone who suffers from PTSD and extreme anxiety. The Dr. & nurses/anaesthesiologist showed extreme care & understanding of this mental condition. They went as far as booking 2 tests even though I was scheduled for 1 so I would not have to experience the anxiety of another trip. They ensured I was sedated the whole way through. The respect and thoroughness they showed is commendable. Thank you so much for making me feel safe!
Tera Gillett

Nice people. Very professional. Professional attitude, a positive experience for last 10 years.

Mary Di Stefano

Sep 19
Gary Deveaux

Excellent operation; staff is friendly and I left comfortable and at ease. Great facility to do your colonoscopy.
Willard Malcolm

Very professional; very efficient.

Very impressive and very caring.
Bruce Hague

Very good

 Very professional. Well maintained. Organized processes. Friendly staff

Very satisfied

Very good, thank you.
John Huggett

Staff and doctors were very nice. Would recommend this facility to anyone. Overall experience 10+
Teela Persad

 Sep 16
Excellent. They were very professional and put me at ease.

 I can say nothing less. Very impressive facility and the staff too.
Celester Perez

Friendly staff. Garmen was very nice. Clean, quick efficient. Dr. Ginzburg was very nice, the procedure was well explained. Made me feel secure and not worried about the outcome.
Doug Adams

First rate

 Very nice atmosphere, organized. Very pleasant staff, make patients feel very comfortable. Recommended!!!
Tatyana Yosef

Sep 15
Quick, efficient, everyone very friendly.
Cheryl Myers

Very nice
Lee Green


Good. Friendly.

Perfect and very friendly

Sep 12
Very good!
Antonela Pavel

 Very good

Very nice, clean, professional. Will come back again as needed.

Extremely friendly staff. Love, love, love, the anaesthesiologist!!!! Nurse in recovery was awesome.

I appreciated all of staff. I recommend to all of you want very reliable place to do your test come to Oak Ridges Endoscopy Centre. Thank you all 🙂
Manigeh Zouhoorian

Very efficient, nice people

Hennadiy Kotenko

Excellent. I felt like I was given 5 star treatment from all staff and Dr. Ginzburg.
Margaret Adamson

Sep 9
Great facility but I had to call to confirm my appointment, and request new instructions



 – Anonymous


Aug 19


Very good.

– Anonymous


Very good, very professional, and very personal service.

 – Paul Bertin


Excellent! Everyone is friendly and explains what is going on and what to expect along the way which is comforting!

 – Anonymous


Aug 18


Much better than hospital. Would highly recommend.

 – Anonymous


Excellent process.

 – Anonymous


Very professional and extremely friendly and relaxing. Felt in very capable hands.

 - Anonymous


Professional, courteous, caring, funny and knowledgeable.

 – Wayne Peddle


Very calm and professional

 – Anonymous


Very good, very professional

 – Wendy Bertin


Aug 15



 – Anonymous


Good. Good for everything.

- Anonymous


Excellent 🙂 Excellent care! Make you feel so comfortable.

 – Debra Turner


Very Satisfied. Dr. Siraj made a very good recommendation. An all-around great centre. I had my first colonoscopy at the Oak Ridges Endoscopy Centre. All staff were amazing and I will be coming to this centre for further procedures.

 – Chris


Very impressed

- Anonymous


Very good

- Anonymous


Aug 11


Dr. Ginzburg is superb, a very nice person, and very helpful. Thank you!

 – Ahmed Sayada


Well run; friendly staff.

– Anonymous


Very good impression – very comfortable experience. Comfortable and friendly from start to finish.

– Karen Parrell


Aug 8


Very impressed with the overall operation of the facility.

 – Neil Mulligan


Clean and very polite staff, makes you feel at home. Oak Ridges Endoscopy is a clean and well maintained clinic, the staff are polite especially the doctor he is empathetic and explains the procedure very well!!

- Anonymous


Very satisfied. Great staff.

- Anonymous


Very good

– Anonymous


Very impressed, kind.

 – Anonymous


Very good

 –Warren May


Clean, professional, friendly.

 – Anonymous


Aug 5


An excellent set up by Dr. Ginzburg and anaesthetist plus O.R. staff. I have no computer so no internet. A job well done and all. MJM

 – Marilyn McNeil


Aug 4


Excellent facility and staff. Very pleased with everything.

 – Maria Campuzano



 – Mohamed Fawzy



– Anonymous


Very well organized, friendly

 – Anonymous


Jul 28


Very satisfied

 – Ghada Bolios


100% safe. Thank you!!

- Anonymous


Top class medical facility and professional staff.

- Anonymous


Great experience

 – Anonymous


Very clean and friendly environment

 – Anonymous


Jul 26


Excellent treatment, thanks for all.

- Anonymous


Patient care comes first. Dr. Ginzburg and his team are amazing. Patient care is paramount.

 – Henry McNeil


Very satisfied!

 – Ken Wilson


Super, relaxing, friendly, clean.

- Anonymous


Very clean, very friendly, very informative

- Anonymous


Convenient, clean, efficient, no extra waiting. Friendly staff. ALL GOOD

 – Laila McLachlan


Jul 25


Excellent. I would highly recommend this facility.

 – Anonymous


Very relaxing atmosphere and staff is extremely caring.

 – Marisa Preele


Very professional and made me feel very at ease.

 – Anonymous


Great. Staff very nice, Doctor explained the results and recommendations very well.

 – Milan Nisevic


Very professional.

 – Thipphavanh Vovadeth


Jul 22


Clean / Warm / Friendly.

 – Anonymous


Wonderful and very professional

 – Anonymous


Thank you!

 – Sarah Manea


Jul 21


Very good

- Anonymous


Very good

 – Anonymous


Very good

- Anonymous

Jul 18


Everyone was very professional and very kind.

 – Ruthe Davies


Very good

– Anonymous


Very good

 – Tracy McAllister


Very professional – clean – made me feel comfortable – great staff!

 – Frances Massaro


Very good

 – Maria Fogarasi


Jul 12


Very clean, very good care and very hospitable. They make you feel completely comfortable before the procedure. I will like to thank all the doctors and nurses for helping me go through such a smooth and painless procedure. I will definitely recommend other patients to this facility.

 – Albert


Very clean, efficient

 – Anonymous


Jul 11



- N. Kermani


I was very nervous prior, went very smooth. Comforting. Doctor and staff put me at ease.

 – Debbie Diebert


Very impressive

 – Sounanh Yeh


Excellent! Timely and accurate info provided throughout the process. Great facility! The staff and Dr. Ginzburg were very caring, knowledgeable, and precise in their instructions and expected results. 10/10.

 – Ziad Nasser


I was very pleased with the attention and care I received especially since this was my first procedure. Very pleased with the care and attention to detail, I was a bit apprehensive since this was my first procedure and the staff put me at ease.

– Sandra Dillon


Very clean, professional, friendly, and knowledgeable

 – Anonymous


Very satisfied

 – Anonymous


Excellent! Thanks for the care.

– Maria Gonzalez


Very good would recommend

 – Tom Dastilo



 - Mary Crombie


Jul 7



– Gordon Allan



 – Anonymous


Jul 5


Excellent staff. Thank you for supporting your patients and making it a comfortable experience.

 – Donna Pignataro


Great thanks

 – Anonymous


Jul 4


Very professional/nice friendly staff – excellent communication.

– Anonymous



 – Anonymous


[The facility] does exactly what it is supposed to.

 – Anonymous



 – Laurie Stennes


Very impressed

 – Anonymous


Very professional

– Anonymous


Jun 30


Very good

 – Anonymous


Very nice and well organized! Professional and trained. TY.

 – Anonymous


Was very good and I did not have to be nervous. Everyone was very nice and it made me less nervous.

 – Karson Hong


Everything was great

 – Anonymous


Jun 27


Clean, staff very courteous and efficient. Very professional.

 – Anonymous


Good. Everything was fine.

- Anonymous



- Anonymous


Excellent and quick.

 – Alex Golubkov



- Anonymous



 – Anonymous


Wonderful. Very nurturing and friendly atmosphere and staff.

 – Maureen Armstrong


Jun 24


Very good staff very caring

 – Anonymous


Excellent service I would highly recommend it. To anyone. Thank you

 - T. G.


Great service! No issues

 – Anonymous


Jun 23


The staff are all very pleasant and efficient making the procedure as easy as possible.

 – Anonymous


I'm very happy with the facility. People are extremely wonderful.

 – Ourania Pantopicos


Jun 21


Procedure was very easy and comfortable! Thank you. Colonoscopy made comfortable and without concern!! Staff and Dr. Ginzburg... both efficient and thoughtful. Anaesthesiologist was amazing!

 – Jane Klees


Great facility

 – Greg Fawcett


Jun 20



 – Boris Makrovich


Very good

 – Anonymous


Very good

 – Anonymous


Very good

 – Janine Edmands


Excellent. Experience was very good. Any procedure can be scary. The staff at the Oak Ridges Endoscopy Centre followed a process to make me feel at ease and the procedure. A positive and enjoyable experience. Keep up the great work.

 – Juergen Friedrich


Jun 17


Very organized and fast. Very concerned of a good experience and overall care.

 – Frank Keogh



 – Anonymous


Very good

- Anonymous


Very friendly, made it the best experience they could for the situation. Thanks everyone!

 – Charlene Walker


Actually, I'm totally satisfied with your services. I appreciate your attention. That was awesome. Everything was very professional with high standards.

 – Alireza Haghighi Kia


Jun 16


The best

- Anonymous


Very pleasant staff. Quick service however long wait in waiting room for both appointments. Excellent facility. Very professional and pleasant experience. Very pleasant staff.

 – Susan Piovesm



 – Heeseury Yoo



 – Mihail Georgescu


Jun 14


Everything was perfect . Reception – nurses – doctors... I appreciate all of your service. One of the best behaviour I've seen. (With the best wishes for you.) (Good luck)

- Anonymous


Very satisfied with the service

 – Irina Pimenova


Great. Very professional. The entire team was loving and professional.

- Anonymous


Jun 10


I will recommend you to my friends.

 – Anonymous


Very clean and staff was incredible. Dr. Ginzburg is very informative, knowledgeable, and compassionate. Receptionist should be at front desk at all times, otherwise she was very polite.

 – Anonymous


The procedure went very well and was very impressed with the doctor and his personality and communication skills.

 – Hasnen Jessa


Very well

 – Nermin Mikhail


Jun 9


Excellent, professional, very courteous, very clean, very thoughtful, thank you for making a seemingly worrying procedure a pleasant experience.

 – Eugene



 – Anonymous


Very professional and clean

- Anonymous


Felt very comfortable. Was very nervous coming in but felt safe once dealing with staff. Very caring facility. Make you feel very comfortable.

 – Haley Aldred


Jun 6


Very friendly and clean. Staff is very friendly and facility is very inviting.

 – Carolann McKee


Seamless and professional. I have had many colonoscopies and this @ OREC was so far the best. The staff were kind and professional, caring and respectful. Thank you!

 – Carole Mirkopoulos


Satisfied with the service – doctors and nurse

 – Anonymous


Jun 3


Excellent and exactly the process that was explained. These physicians and staff are top notch and could not have provided better service. Excellent consultation, procedure, and follow up. This is an example of amazing health care at its best.

 – Peter Naumoski



 – Anonymous



 – Anonymous


Everything was good. Thanks Dr.

- Anonymous


Better than I expected (process-wise). Appearance of facility is fine.

 – Anonymous




Excellent care. Thank you Dr. Ginzburg and staff. Only criticism is the quality of crackers post colonoscopy!

 – Anonymous


Very nice

– Anonymous


Professional, comfortable

 – Anonymous


It was very satisfying. Very professional all staff was very friendly. It was a very satisfying procedure. In and out without any complications 🙂 The crackers and the cup of water after the procedure was very satisfying. LOL

- Anonymous


Clean, tidy, comfortable, a pleasure to deal with staff and doctors overall. Calming environment to be in, didn't feel stressed about the procedures prior to them.

 – Christopher Heynings


Very clean, was made comfortable. Friendly and informative staff. Lovely and kind people (my first time having a colonoscopy). Not nervous to go through procedure again.

 – Anonymous


Very satisfied about this whole procedure excellent.

 – Giuseppe De Filippo


It was a good experience. As good as could be expected.

 – Anonymous



Rated 5.0 out of 5
September 1, 2020